Fila’s Resurgence


With Nike and adidas virtually dominating all things athletic, some of the other brands have had a hard time breaking through, but Fila’s looking to shake things up.

In the sneaker arena, Fila has chosen to re-release some classics from their stable, that has been met with much fanfare.

Fila Spaghetti

Originally a signature sneaker for Jerry Stackhouse, the Spaghetti was a popular model when it was initially released, and has made a comeback due to popular demand. Available in two colorways, both keep things singles with an all black and white upper featuring both leather and suede materials. Back in the day, this shoe was one of Fila’s most innovative models in terms of cutting edge design.

Fila The Cage

With two large perforations in the heel, the Cage was an aptly named sneaker. Going along with the retro vibe of this shoe, it just exudes retro-ness, featuring hard and cutting lines running along the medial and lateral sides. This shoe is also available in two colorways: one in pewter and a lime punch color, and the other having an all-American vibe with an all-white upper, featuring red and navy accents.

With Nike and adidas providing strong competition, Fila is making its case by delivering two favorites that were waiting in the wing. Now’s the best time to capitalize on the availability of these kicks as there’s no telling when they’ll make another comeback. Score them at before they’re gone.