Exercise Awesome: Intro


They say fitness is important—crucial to your health, your sanity, even your physical appearance. If fitness is so important, then why is it so tedious and boring? If you agree, welcome to your new favorite weekly column, Exercise Awesome.

Don’t get me wrong; I am not afraid to work hard. As a former gymnast, I understand the endurance of tumbling for hours on end after not being able to stand up straight from too many flips, and as an avid snowboarder, I am familiar hiking up the terrain park after my legs feel like they’re going to shake right off. Too breakable for gymnastics, and too far from the mountains during the workweek, I am eager to exercise, but can’t wrap my head around the traditional ways.

The irony here is that I work at Finish Line’s digital headquarters in Boulder, perhaps one of the most “fit” offices. My coworkers have no problem going out for ten-mile afternoon runs or biking thirty miles on the highway to get to work. Not me.

I am the voice for all you non-believers in the boring workout. If you’d rather do this:

than workout inside a gym doing push ups, squats, and sit ups, I hear you. It’s time to Exercise Awesome, and I am here to be your guide . Anyway, let’s get fit, let’s have fun, and let’s explore the alternatives. No more pumping 12 sets of bicep curls as you stare at yourself in a mirror. Instead of going across the monkey bars, we’ll climb on top of them. We’ll learn together what exercises work up a sweat, what are only fun but not effective, and what are both.

Stay tuned for next week’s post: what goes around comes around. If you have an Exercise Awesome idea, let me know in the comments below and I’ll do my best to feature it.