Exercise Awesome: Hooping


What is hooping exactly? No, it’s not where you jump and hurdle through hoops lit on fire (although…).

I met up with Brooke Null, founder of Hooped, during one of her classes to figure out what exactly goes behind this beautiful movement.

  • Hooping: The art of spinning a hula-hoop around the limbs of the body in a circular motion while tying in aesthetically pleasing moves.
  • Why you should try it: Abdominals can become sore without realizing it, and you don’t have to do two hundred crunches in a row. 
  • Muscles used: “Your stomach muscles are going to be engaged, your back muscles are going to be engaged, but then there are so many moves where you can transfer the hoop. Wherever the hoop is located is where you’re going to get a bigger workout.”
  • Highlights: The hooping moves all look really cool and elegant once you get the hang of it.
  • Calories burned: On average, 600 per hour (to get a more accurate account of measuring calories based on your weight, check CalorieLab).
  • Equipment needed: Hula-hoop.
  • Hurdles: As a beginner it can leave you a little sore around your hipbones because you don’t always predict accurately where the hoop will move around your body.

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