Essentials for the Amusement Parks


It looks like summer is back for, well, the summer, and with that comes amusement park season. Now would be a good time to give in to your child’s demands to take a trip to Disney World. So, barring any unforeseen developments with their end-of-the-year report cards, plan the trip and keep this list of essentials handy. 

1. Mycharge Summit 3000 Portable Charger

If you’re going with a tandem or a group of chaperons, you don’t want to be caught in a bind with a dead cell phone, so this is probably the most essential of this list. 

2. Sunscreen

Unless your day is blessed with overcast skies, you’ll most likely be out and about on a sunny day, and while you may not be able to beat the heat, you can overcome the sun with some sunblock.

3. Hat, Cap or Visor

It’ll keep the sun out of your eyes and give you that little bit of shade when the temperature and brightness is just slightly unbearable.

4. Water

Maybe you’ll be able to smuggle a water bottle in, but we’re not too sure about that. As soon as you can get your hands on one, drink up because you don’t want to worry about dehydration.

5. Nike Heritage Gymsack

It wouldn’t make sense if you had to stuff all of these essentials in your pocket, so to alleviate that problem, check out this bag that’s both comfortable and convenient.