DJ Mars: NB Ambassador


DJ Mars lives up Moments of Excellent when he is touring the world. When he’s not holding down the wheels of steel, you can find him adding to his legendary sneaker collection. In terms of sneakerheads, there are few people on Mars’s level. For him, any old shoe just won’t do.

Ever since growing up in Springfield, MA, he’s been drawn to the clean looks of NB. “You know, originally I’m from Massachusetts, and from Day 1 New Balance is what I rocked. That’s why it basically took over my closet,” says Mars. 

His memories stretch all the way back to the early days, when he was just a young buck. “I remember my very first pair,” says Mars. “My uncle bought them for me. The shoe was so hot—it was a blue and grey 574. He bought them, I rocked them, and from then, on I just didn’t stop. This is what I wear almost every day—a fresh pair of NBs.”