Diadora Sportswear Returns With B. Elite


Now making a comeback for the Diadora Sportswear line is the storied B. Elite shoe, first launched in the 1980s thanks to Diadora’s collaboration with Bjorn Borg, tennis champ who won Wimbledon and Roland Garros tournaments an impressive five times each.

A comfortable, resistant shoe originally designed to favor Borg’s amazing physical fitness, speed and readiness, the B. Elite made a major hit at the time. Re both material research and construction technique, it represented the most prestigious model in the Diadora Tennis line.

The original model – created for competing on a clay court – had an upper in natural kangaroo leather to enable a soft yet sturdy fit. Other features were: bicolor rubber sole with caucciù (natural rubber) bottom, quick-fastening system, padded collar and heel, extractible anatomical insole.

Today, to revive the glory, Diadora has kept the structure of the original model used by Borg in what proved to be a sensational year for the sports star: 1981. The shoe, re-edited for leisure purposes, is originating from a modern mix of street influences complete with a sports flair, talking thus to a new generation of consumers.

Always working on the next innovation and toward the newest trend, the Sportswear line is inspired by ‘80s and ‘90s items from the Diadora archive which, thanks to fresh colours and distinctive materials, define new products that clearly appeal to young target audiences. Authenticity, upbeat irony and freedom of thought characterize a line that also includes limited editions in collaboration both with the most influential sneaker creators and stores on the market and with popular personalities on the Italian or international music scene. Ergo the Sportswear line is not only for sports enthusiasts, it’s a line for urban consumers who want to make a statement. Mission of the Sportswear brand is to drive consumers in setting their own style by offering shoes and clothes that are original and out-of-the-box, above and beyond any fashion of the moment.

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