Dada Supreme CDubbz: 10-Year Anniversary


Outside of Jordan Brand and Nike, not too many sneakers go away and are brought back from retirement. So it was a pleasant surprise when Dada decided that the Supreme CDubbz Hi was due for a comeback after 10 years on the retirement shelves.


Originally sported by Mr. CDubb himself (Chris Webber), the Supreme CDubbz Hi popped up on the scene with a mashup of materials, using leather, patent leather and a woodgrain pattern for a classy vibe and look.


Chris Webber might have been the most underrated and versatile power forward of all-time, with his signature sneaker the Supreme CDubbz Hi falling right in line with his playing style.


Chris Webber may not be able to come back to the hardwood, but his shoes are back for the first time in 10 years, so now’s the best time to score a pair because there’s no telling when we’ll see these again.