Cute Cases and Sleeves


We live in a society where “less is more” is stressed more often than less. Of course, electronics manufacturers adhere to this mantra as well, with said electronics being more or less, bland. Thankfully, third-party companies, like JanSport, have provided consumers with the opportunity to express themselves and their personality with colorful, and quite cute, cases and sleeves for iPhones, tablets and laptops. Got an electronic device that could use a bit of color to stand out? Well, you’re in luck if you keep reading and check it out.

JanSport 1.0 Tablet Sleeve:

It doesn’t need to be stated how much you paid for your tablet, but we all know it can feel near-apocalyptic if something should happen to that precious supposedly scratch-resistant screen. That doesn’t have to be a possibility with the JanSport 1.0 Tablet Sleeve. The plush lined inner compartment keeps your tablet safe and sound, and the decoration outer design is what puts this sleeve over the top.

JanSport 2.0 Sleeve for Laptop:

More of a traditional electronic user that leans¬† toward laptops rather than tablets? Well, JanSport has an answer for that department as well. We’re guessing you’re the type that caught up in the hustle and bustle, that includes toting your laptop around town. Keep that valuable piece of equipment safe and stylish with the JanSport 2.0 Sleeve for laptops.¬†

JanSport Slipcase for iPhone 5:

We dare you to find an iPhone that’s caseless. If that iPhone is yours, we can’t allow you endure that shame for much longer, and luckily JanSport understands your pain. Not only are there cute options available, but that feeling that comes over you when you drop your phone and you’re reluctant to check if it’s cracked is completely non-existent in this case.