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We all know and love Riley Curry for stealing the show during her dad’s post game press conferences. Her infamous yawn and mic snatch have accounted for several memes while moments like her immortalizing Big Sean’s lyrics have proven that she is cutest and coolest three year old around.

It has been a very eventful year for Young Riley and we can’t help but feel a little envious. Before her fourth birthday on 7/19, we wanted to recap her year. Flip through to see how she lives a boss little life. ????

Style never sleeps—it’s constantly changing to fit your individual identity. The choices you make define culture, just as much as the sneakers you wear leave a first impression. So flip through. And read up on the latest and greatest. It all starts with a fresh pair, but it’s not complete till you’ve got a rotation.

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Side view of Curry Two

Curry 2

UA and the reigning NBA MVP Stephen Curry are back again with another signature kick that is sure to please. Last year, Under Armour took the basketball sneaker world by storm with the debut of the UA Curry 1 and the craze that came with it. Stores couldn’t keep the shoe on their shelves thanks to the star-studded play of Stephen Curry, and his awe-inspiring plays every night. Everywhere you would look from social media outlets to T.V. shows and even big name music references. Thanks to Drake, Curry is better know as “Chef Curry”, cause he’s cookin’ up moves and shots you would only see in a game of horse. All the hype paid off for UA and Curry better than they could have ever imagined; when have you ever seen a big name player debut their first signature sneaker and win the NBA MVP and NBA Championship all in the same season? Never.

The duo of Curry and UA can only hope that the Curry 2 will have the same success they saw with the Curry 1. Steph played eighty games last season, which spoke volumes to other basketball players, because after his injury plagued seasons, the Curry 1 held up to his style of play and kept him healthy. UA stuck with what worked for Curry in his first shoe. They went with the Speedform technology that gives a precision fit. They also give us the UA Charged cushioning that absorbs impact and converts it into a responsive burst that makes every step explosive. All these elements work together to make an outstanding basketball shoe that will have you playing like the MVP himself.

Make sure you pick up the Under Armour Curry 2 on October 24th at Finishline.com.

Video Review of Under Armour Curry Two Basketball Shoe

Video of Under Armour Curry 2 Performance Test