Couch Potato Workouts for Women


Of course, we all wish there was a workout that would help us lose weight and look great without having to get off the couch. There are several at-home fitness plans and products that claim just that, but do they work? We’re rounding up some of the most publicized fitness programs and products to see what the hype is all about.


Shake Weight Madness

One product that really caught the attention of consumers last year was the Shake Weight ( The strange looking weight claims to help you get an intense arm workout in just minutes. The best part, you can use the Shake Weight sitting on the couch. Fitness enthusiasts can choose from Classic and Pro styles to fit the level of intensity they desire. According to the product’s website, the Shake Weight and available DVDs will help you tone your arms, shoulders and chest in just six minutes a day (the Shake Weight Classic version). The Pro style comes with several other features such as variable resistance to intensify your workout. The product, generally targeted at women, also comes in a style geared toward men. So, does it work? Looks like you’d have to check with one of the products many followers to find out. It’s probably a good thing that you can use the Shake Weight anywhere to get in a quick upper body workout, but the results from this product remain to be seen, at least on their website.


At-Home Fitness Tricks

Another program that has been marketed to try and help people get fit fast at home involves the use of household products as fitness tools. For example, using two milk jugs as weights. While this fitness plan is fueled by the basic idea that you can use anything around you to burn calories, it can also be dangerous. Many times, there are no instructions added to help people learn proper technique and form while working out at home. Unless you have some experience lifting weights or working out, you could easily do something wrong or fail to maximize the potential of the fitness move you’re trying. While at-home methods may be tempting, make sure you consult the proper sources before you hit the weights…or milk jugs, for that matter.


When looking for easy ways to try and improve your fitness, you need to be very careful. Many products and workouts will claim to be perfect for the non-athlete, when in reality they won’t do much unless you put in a lot of time and effort to make sure you’re eating right and getting more intense exercise. While any additional fitness program can help boost your metabolism and burn calories, you need to be sure to check with a doctor before you dramatically change your lifestyle. In the end, losing weight the healthy way will benefit you much more than a quick fix. The results will last longer and your body will respond better.