Winner of Converse Photo Contest Goes in with a Splash


Congratulations to our lucky winner of the Converse Summer Photo Contest, Ryan S. See what he has to say about his epic winning photo and the $4,000 it won for a trip of his choice

Did you purposefully get pushed in the pool or was it a random candid?

I didn’t get pushed in, surprisingly.  It was more of a Yo watch this type of thing to set the party off and get everyone going wild.

Who took the picture of you?

My best friend’s girlfriend, Daniela. Huge props to her!

What were you guys celebrating at the party?

Life, living.  It was Memorial Day Weekend in Vegas, so we just flew out there to party, no particular reason.

Do you have your prize trip all planned out? 

Well it couldn’t work out any better since I was planning on proposing to my girlfriend by the end of the year, so the earnings will all go towards the honeymoon to somewhere exotic, haven’t pin-pointed it out just yet!

What does the freedom of summer mean to you?

First thing that comes to my mind is friends and music, because that’s all my summers ever consist of; clubs, late night pool parties, just having fun and staying happy. That’s life: giving and receiving positive energy.

Plans for the rest of the summer?

Yeah, a really good friend of mine is getting married at the end of September, so that’ll be fun.  The reception place actually has a pool. I’ll jump in with my suit on for you guys!

Looking back, what crazy things have you done this summer in your Converses?