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In the last year, we brought our newest and hottest store design to our Chicago, New York and Los Angeles Flagship stores and we set it off like never before. Now, we’re bringing that energy to a Colorado store at Park Meadows. The grand openings were kicked off with some super hot product and special guest appearances. Now, we’re bringing that vibe to Denver.

Saturday, the 26th store hours: 8am – 9pm

Nike: 11am-8pm

Nike will amplify the store opening with giveaways and fun engaging moments. The Air Brush Station will be the first stop for consumers to personalize their bag by a free hand Airbrush artist. You will also see a photo booth where shoppers can personalize their shot with font, color and background setting. Nike is also providing great music with a special guest DJ that will set off your shopping experience.

Sunday, the 27th store hours: 11am-6pm

adidas: 12-4pm.

The Three-Stripes will have a photo booth experience and customized hats and tanks/tees that you can wear all summer long. That’s definitely something that will up your likes when you post it to your IG. adidas will also have a DJ on the tables playing the hottest tunes that you can vibe out to while you’re enjoying the new store.

Saturday, the 26th from 4pm-7pm

Sunday, the 27th from 11am-2pm

Jason Markk will be in the spot as well with their one of a kind sneaker throne cleaning experience. If you’ve got some kicks you need freshened up, you won’t want to miss them.

Can’t make it? Don’t worry – Finish Line’s going to take care of you. Winner’s Circle members will receive a $10 reward if they spend $100 or more in-store during the grand opening weekend. Make sure you save May 26th on your calendar and head to the Park Meadows Mall or your nearest Denver-area Finish Line.

It’s been 24 years since LA shut down its highways for competition in the ’84 Olympics. Looks like The Swoosh has a little pull, as they were able to treat runners to views on the west side as they knocked out 10 Kilometers … that’s 6.2 miles … saved you a google.

Nike React was the vehicle of choice for must runners and we even had our own pop up shop where runners were able to stretch out with Simone Biles afterwards and pick up their pair of kicks too. The vibes were strong with this one and stay tuned for a chance to team up with Finish Line for future Nike running events.

The springy cushion innovation that took the sneaker world by storm in the early 2000s is returned earlier this year. Nike Shox were one of Nike’s most popular sellers for many years and as footwear innovation changed through the years, so did the Shox. Now, the ever popular runner has returned in the Nike Shox Gravity and it focuses on being a lighter-than-air feeling sneaker. If you’re having trouble deciding which pair is for you then you need to try the Nike Shox Generator. Take the test and find out which pair is perfect for you and your style.

By Drew Hammell

On March 26th, 2018, the world will celebrate the fifth annual Air Max Day – a day created by Nike to honor all the incredible advances in Air Max technology. On the 26th, sneaker fanatics young and old alike will be encouraged to “Wear Your Air.” Over the years, there have been plenty of memorable print ads executed to market Air Max technology. Here are the greatest Air Max running ads Nike has ever released (the shoes aren’t bad either).

Air Max 1

Debuting officially in 1987, the Air Max 1 was the first running shoe to feature a visible Air-Sole unit. There were a series of print ads to go along with the “Revolution in Motion,” as Nike was banking on the Air Max 1 in a big way. With bright light beaming through the ultra-large Air window, the ad literally ushered in a new dawn for sneaker technology. Inspired by the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, Tinker Hatfield was the mad scientist behind the Air Max 1 phenomenon – a design he had been working on for years. Both the ad and the shoe laid the groundwork for many more marketing and technological achievements.

Air Max 180

In the February 4th, 1991 issue of Sports Illustrated, Nike paid for an 8-page mega ad featuring the Air Max 180 running shoe. The sneaker boasted 50% more Air than previous models, and Nike made sure the sneaker stuck in readers’ minds. The ad campaign was strange, but definitely memorable. Featuring artistic interpretations by various artists including German Alfons Holtgreve, Marcello Morandini, and Ralph Steadman, the ad had a quirky, international feel that could attract runners from around the globe. Fun fact about Ralph Steadman: he is also the man who designed the album artwork for Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho (https://open.spotify.com/album/6FED8aeieEnUWwQqAO9zT1). For this year’s Air Max Day, Nike is bringing back the AM 180 in special colorways inspired by these three artists.

Air Max 94

The sneaker that time forgot. Incredibly, the Air Max2 (aka Air Max Squared) has never retroed. Nike ran a strikingly beautiful campaign that also featured Ken Griffey, Jr.’s Air Trainer Max2 and Charles Barkley’s Air Max2 CB. The Air Max2 running shoe featured a Dynamic-Fit inner sleeve and a multi-pressured heel Air-Sole unit, which featured 5 PSI in the middle of the bubble, and 25 PSI on the sides (5 x 5 = 25, hence “Air Squared.”). In simpler terms, Nike was realizing that all Air wasn’t created equal. Some parts of the Air-Sole had to be firmer than other parts, so the foot didn’t sink down. Sneakerheads have been pleading for a retro for years, so hopefully Nike will deliver.

Air Max 95

Beginning in 1995, Nike launched a 2-year phone ad campaign featuring Nike sneakers with a white backdrop, a red Swoosh, and a phone number at the bottom. The ads were simple, minimalist, and extremely effective. The Air Max 95 was one of the first phone ads, and it was one of the best as well. Designed by Sergio Lozano, the Air Max 95 was the first Nike runner to feature both a visible heel and forefoot Max Air-Sole unit. Inspired by the anatomy of the human spine, the smooth, wavy lines of the Air Max 95 are a work of art, and have released in hundreds of different colorways over the years.

Air Max 96

Five years after the wild multi-page Air Max 180 ad, Nike went edgy again with the Air Max 96 campaign. The stage was set for a huge year for the Air Max 96 – riding on the momentum of the AM95 and promoted with a massive 8-page ad campaign just in time for the ’96 Olympics in Atlanta. There was a mascot named Max, “a clever corporate icon created to help explain the new technology of Air Max cushioning from Nike.” There were bold statements, and there were exclamation marks. There were images of Scottie Pippen, Michael Johnson, Lisa Leslie, and Dan O’Brien – all who were in the primes of their careers. The AM96 would not garner the same success as the Air Max 95, but the ad is definitely worth studying carefully for nostalgia’s sake.

Air Max 97

After the bumpy ride of the 96, Nike got back on track with yet another iconic silhouette, the Air Max 97. Designed by Christian Tressor, the Air Max 97 featured reflective paneling and a revolutionary full-length visible Air-Sole unit. Besides the Air Max 97 ad, Nike also promoted models like the Air Ubiquitous, Foamposite, Penny 3, and Air Super Zoom. Inspired by Japan’s high-speed bullet trains, the Air Max 97 has become more and more popular as time goes on. And though the ad campaign for the AM97 isn’t as iconic as the phone ads, it was definitely solid and noteworthy.

Air Max 360

Fast forward nine years to 2006, with the Air Max 360. Twenty years after Nike’s initial success with the Air Max 1, Nike made a point of showing the public how far they’d come in 20 years with their latest and greatest model. With the AM360, Nike eliminated the use of foam support and introduced Caged Air technology. This meant a much lighter weight without compromising cushioning. Besides the nod to the Air Max 1 for the AM360 print ad, Nike also utilized the same colorway as the original Air Max 1 in honor of the advancements. Style-wise, the AM360 has yet to become an icon like the Air Max 1, 95 or 97, but the ad and sneaker itself help show how far sneaker technology had come in just twenty years.

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It’s that time of year again when all attention steers towards the style of Nike Air Max. You know we’ve been keeping things locked with Migos this month with our latest #ShoesSoFresh campaign featuring Caleb Mclaughlin, so what better way to show all things air than with the superstars themselves.

You’ve seen behind the scenes, but we’re cookin’ up something new featuring the Finish Line exclusive Air Max 270 in Triple Black. Make sure you check back here throughout the week for new content and for a never before seen video with Migos and Caleb Mclaughlin for Air Max Day on 3/26.

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In 1998, the Finish Line Youth Foundation was created as the philanthropic arm of Finish Line. In 2018, we proudly celebrate our 20th anniversary of supporting life’s biggest possibilities.

Throughout March, Finish Line stores will host the spring campaign to collect donations to continue giving back. Stop by your local store or donate online.

Over the past 20 years, the Foundation impacted 1.6 million youth, donated $19 million nationwide and partnered with 1,030 nonprofit organizations. Our history represents our dedication to impact communities where our customers and employees live, work and play for years to come. Read below for several stories from employees about their favorite moments throughout the years.

“I would have to say the most thrilling moments for me would be each time the customer GIVES! It means so much to me personally as the store manager. When customers give back to the Foundation, it gives our store, District Manager Justin Marino and I pride that our community is making a difference in someone’s life. Our consumer gives because they want to and how well our team executes the check out process. Myself and the entire District 16 family truly love the Foundation and our results back it up!”

– Sparky Hopkins, Volusia Mall store manager (second from right)

“When you hear the word blind it can be a very scary word. But not for these kids that participated in the Junior Blind Olympics in Los Angeles. That was a day of pride and joy. To see children from all ages being blind, having the mental toughness, the will to win and not to let anything stand in their way was an amazing experience. From kayaking to fencing, to racing, to zumba, it was a humbling experience. We also had the wonderful experience of meeting the different volunteers with the biggest hearts and giving back was incredible!”

– Deshaun Jamerson, Moreno Valley store manager (pictured on right)

“One of my favorite memories with District 12 was at a bocce ball event. The athlete that stood out and inspired me the most that day was blind. This athlete, just like the others, was not allowed to be coached as he stepped up to the line. Instead, he had to listen. A coach was allowed to stand where the ball was and ring a bell. The athlete then had to listen and gauge how far the bell (ball) was and he would then throw his ball and try to get as close to the ball already on the field. This athlete was not visually impaired, he was blind. To see an athlete who could not see, participate in an event that most would consider to be a seeing sport, wowed me. His focus was consistently on what he could do, not what he couldn’t. Every event that I have ever participated in to help others, has resulted in athletes helping and inspiring me. Witnessing the strength of these athletes reminds me to stay focused, to rise up and to overcome!”

– Sheila Helmintoller, District 12 Sales Manager

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Now more than ever, women all over the world are being recognized for their presence in society. This year, @finishlinewomen is celebrating International Women’s Day all week long. We’re going to bring you a new story every day from 3/4 to 3/10 and each one will highlight what #girlpower is all about.

Written by:  Maria Mora 

The sneaker industry continues to be male-dominated, despite it being driven by innovation. Though the current state is a boy’s club, it is the powerful women behind some of your favorite designs that disrupt everything.

A legend in her own right, Tiffany Beers has designed some of the most groundbreaking silhouettes throughout her career, including Kanye West’s first shoe. Beers has clearly set the bar high in the sneaker world and has since taken her talents over to Tesla, where she continues to live out her passion for technology.

Her unstoppable nature and inspiring work ethic are enough to persuade anyone to follow their dreams. In honor of International Women’s Day, we took the opportunity to learn more about Tiffany Beers and how she was able to break into the industry.

Read the full interview below.

1. Coming from a background of plastics engineering, what was it that drew you into the world of footwear? Were you always passionate about sneakers?
I have always loved sneakers. I played sports all the time as a kid so I learned early the impact of footwear on performance. I remember having certain pairs of shoes that I simply just performed better in and felt better in. When I picked my major, I had no idea that it could lead to a job working on sneakers. I didn’t even realize that sneakers were mostly made of plastics at the time.

2. You’ve made a significant mark in the sneaker industry throughout your career. From your lens, can you tell us how the woman’s impact changed the industry over the years?
I think women have added a level of diversity to the sneaker industry, but I think the biggest impact is yet to come. I think the industry is still growing and evolving and women will play a key role in the future of the industry

3. What do you look for when buying sneakers?
I change it up all the time. When I select my sneakers, I first look for comfort then style based on what I’m going to be doing in them.

4. Who are some of your mentors and what is the best advice you’ve received throughout your career?
I think there is tons to learn from everyone you interact with but I do have a few people that I would consider mentors. I think it is important to have variety in who you pick to mentor you. I have mentors ranging from designers, executives, peers and even a few that are just out of college. I don’t think mentors necessarily have to be older than you to have good advice or perspective.
Some of the best advice I have received over the years
-“Listen to your gut, your instincts are always right” – I can’t remember who told me this, I’m sure it was many people… I just wish I would have listened to this one more. 
-“Risk your job don’t risk the company.” – Phil Knight. I think this applies widely to so many things in life.
-“Sink or swim” Tinker Hatfield – I hear this one in my head over and over as I try new and harder things.

5. What advice would you give to young women who are inspired to follow your path?
I would say if you are going to follow my path, know that my path was trying new things, having new experiences, not being afraid, failing and trying again and following my gut. I don’t think you need to go to the same school as me or have the same job as me or anything else, just fail fast and trust your gut and I am sure you will exceed anything I ever did.

6. What does the #WeAreMore movement mean to you?
The #wearemore movement is super special to me. I love the message it sends and how inclusive it is. To me its about energy, we are all about the energy we give day after day. Sometimes thats a smile, sometimes a kind word, sometimes taking a courageous risk and sometimes its just knowing #wearemore. I look forward to seeing it evolve and continue to inspire.

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Written by Deanna Jenkins

Photos by @darrion_g

Born and raised in the suburbs of Nashville (Mt. Juliet), Tennessee, I grew up riding horses and running around on a farm. I started dancing at the age of six and haven’t stopped since. I loved the farm, but always wanted to travel and see the world and guess what, dance has done that for me!

I am currently living in Burbank, California and working as a professional dancer as well as an up and coming fashion stylist.

I recently performed on the Purpose World Tour with Justin Bieber this past year and it was the best year of my life! Traveling and performing in front of millions of people is a dancers dream come true!

I’ve always had a way with dressing and putting outfits together, not just for me but for my friends as well. I’m obsessed with clothes and I have been my whole life. You should see my closet now!

When I’m putting an outfit together I really try and come up with something unique and fun. I love the adidas Original Tearaway Three stripes button up pants not just because they’re comfortable but they’re also bright and fly! I can use them for rehearsals, classes or just running around town.

As a dancer we have to stay in shape and fit so we’re ready for anything that might come along! My adidas leggings are the best for a nice workout or even a little freestyle. They’re so comfortable and stretchy I can really move my body and not feel restricted.

I am also always on the lookout for a great looking stylish pair of shoes that provide great support. That is why I love the new adidas Swift Run Casual Shoe. I can use them in hip hop classes or rehearsals.​​​​

I really enjoy my active life and love that there are so many great new fashionable products available from adidas. I look forward to more shopping at Finish Line. They have the  best products for women like me. One-stop shopping at it’s finest!

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By Drew Hammell

On a raw and rainy January morning last month, New York City running enthusiasts gathered inside a massive, yet unassuming building along the West Side Highway in SoHo for the debut of Nike’s latest sneaker innovation. No one was quite sure what to expect – there was only a mysterious email invitation for all those fortunate enough to be considered for the high honor:

We invite you to experience the latest Nike footwear innovation on January 23rd. Be amongst the first to trial the footwear while joining NRC coaches, product specialists and other special guests for an epic team competition. 

“Choose Go.”

This should be interesting.

Upon entering the venue, there were marketing reps from Nike waiting to greet each person who walked in. There was a check-in station, along with organic fruits, juices, bottles of fancy water, and hipster protein bars. Along the wall were massive images of a blue foot mold perched on top of a white foam square, on top of a yellow foam square, on top of blue egg crate foam, on top of a pillow, on top of three springs. What was Nike pushing here? Shox on steroids? A Tempur-Pedic bed for the foot? Both?

After about forty sneaker writers, bloggers, and influencers filed in through the doors and mingled for a few minutes, everyone was escorted into a sneaker showroom. On the wall was what everyone was waiting to see – the latest invention from Nike: the Epic React. There were forty pairs of white and navy shoes on the wall, with our individual names written underneath each pair. We were invited to sit and learn about all the technological advancements the Epic React featured. We learned that React is the successor to the Lunarlon line. It featured Nike’s patented Flyknit upper, which meant feather-like breathability. The React cushioning is more durable, but still lightweight and cushiony. The foam is 11 percent softer, and 13 percent bouncier than Lunarlon, in fact.  And we couldn’t forget the primary colors: Racer Blue and Pink Blast.

Following the demonstration, we were invited to grab our pair of Epic Reacts and proceed to a fitting room area with personal lockers for each of us. Every locker contained a full Nike outfit. Dri-FIT tights, tops, hoodies and socks for the girls. Dri-FIT shorts, tees, hoodies and socks for the guys. We were about to test out this revolutionary new shoe, but we weren’t exactly sure how. All we knew was that it would be epic.

After everyone was changed and ready to roll, we entered a much bigger and brighter room full of happy, cheering Nike reps along with pink, yellow, blue and white obstacle stations. With a DJ blasting high-energy tunes, we surveyed the space. Somewhat embarrassed, but also intrigued, we high-fived our way into the room and got ourselves hyped.

Adding to the hype were a few famous athletes who were introduced to us one by one. Sprinter and four-time Olympic gold medalist Sanya Richards-Ross ran in. Then gymnast and two-time Olympic medalist Lauri Hernandez. Then hurdling gold medalists Aries Merritt and Dalilah Muhammad. And finally two-time WNBA All-Star Stafanie Dolson. We were surrounded by greatness.

After the introductions, we were divided into teams, with one of these elite athletes leading the way as our captains. There were four stations, complete with trampolines, foam pits, racetracks, and life-size containers full of feathers. We then proceeded to bounce, jump, sprint, and catch feathers until we were sweating and laughing and having a blast. Each teams received points for completing tasks at each station, and the points were tallied on a big digital board. Nike made the point pretty clear – the Epic React was the lightest, bounciest, softest, fastest running shoe ever created.

After we were finished playing and had a chance to compete with the best of the best, we wrapped things up, congratulated the winning team, took some pictures, and said our goodbyes. The whole event was meant to show off the unique character of the Epic React – a shoe designed for serious runners, but also versatile enough to wear to the gym or on the street. A sneaker that is fun to wear, but also means business. Nike is well known for AIR technology, but they’ve been making breakthroughs with lighter and more durable foam cushioning for years as well. The Epic React is the newest and best advancement in the ongoing sneaker design race, and it is definitely worth taking out for a test drive.

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