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Aaron Long is a recent graduate of North Carolina A&T and is an avid sneaker enthusiast. Aaron is from Charlotte, NC and has been a fan of sneakers since the age of three. Aside from sneakers, Aaron also enjoys female company, sports, video games, music, and a good book.
Adriana Cesar is a former competitive fitness athlete/model, up-in-coming athletic stylist, and jewelry designer. She is the founder of an online fitness lifestyle magazine, The Urban Athletica (http://theurbanathletica.com/) and newly launched Catch The Shine (http://www.catchtheshine.com/) showcasing the latest of sports fashion, high fashion, footwear, and fine jewelry. Her professional background in graphic design inspires her current social media savviness.
Anna Bediones has written for Complex, has experience as a Nike visual merchandiser, and is a total sneaker fanatic.
Sports enthusiast, Bryan Horowitz, has written for Dime Magazine, The Classical, and Vice.
Greg Castro is a college football enthusiast who never grew big enough to play football, so instead ran track and cross country for the University of Colorado at Boulder. His weekends consist of running, CrossFit and supporting whichever Colorado sports team currently playing.
Jacques Slade is Director/Producer/Host of This Week in Sneaks, a contributor to Complex Sneakers, and is a YouTube Expert with a special concentration in Sneakers.
Jae Sung is a storyteller, sneaker enthusiast, technophile, and digital content/marketing nerd. She's legally officiated her best friend's wedding and been dubbed before the "Chuck Norris of Interns". Follow her on Instagram or Twitter @justjaesung.
Colgate University Class of 2016. NBA fanatic. Sneaker fiend.
Reluctant exerciser, frequent snacker, writer that often makes up words. Enjoys learning 90's rap songs on the ukulele and watching Star Wars while cuddling.
I had a dream I could buy my way to heaven. When I awoke, I spent that on some Jordans.
Marissa Lucero is the voice of Finish Line social by day, activity extraordinaire by night. The crossfit junkie, outdoor enthusiast, and aspiring ultra-runner dabbles in just about everything Colorado has to offer — all while documenting the adventures, mishaps and musings on her blog BarefootColo.com.
Matt Zumdahl is a diehard superfan from Small Town, USA who works in finance, spends his free time with family and friends, and honestly can't stop checking Twitter and multiple fantasy teams while doing both. Loves the Eagles, misses the SuperSonics, and thinks that, seriously, this is the Cubs' year.
Montana has been working out for the last three years at Bergen County CrossFit in NJ, and loves all things fitness. Now pregnant with her first child, Montana plans to continue CrossFit throughout her pregnancy and is a certified Kettlebell Sport Coach. Give her a follow @SavvySleever.
Shelby Elmore is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer. Give Shelby a follow on Twitter and Instagram to get more exercise ideas, try out her healthy recipes, and stay motivated.
Tyler (or T.J.) is a former Kansas State Wildcat who recently relocated to the great state of Colorado. When he's not working on his blog or posting his daily adventures to Instagram, you'll probably find him perfecting his Kanye West impersonation...or eating Chipotle.
Zack Schlemmer is a lifelong wearer, observer, and appreciator of sneakers who is now lucky enough to be able to pay the rent by writing about them.