Coming Soon: Reebok Scrimmage


Reebok has been dishing out a handful of great nostalgic retro releases as of late, with such shoes as the Reebok ES22 and the Reebok Question. With the new year upon us, Reebok will continue to supply us with classic retro sneakers, and we are thankful to see the return of the Reebok Scrimmage.

This training shoe was worn during the preseason by great athletes such as Dallas Cowboy’s running back Emmitt Smith. The Reebok Scrimmage quickly became a popular training shoe both on the field and for casual wear, and was one of the iconic Reebok’s during the 90’s. What people loved most about the shoe was the aggressive style midsole that had great traction for athletic training, and the speckled midsole offered fine tuned detailing. The shoe also featured an all leather upper that was durable for on field training, but also offered a classic sneaker feel that looked great when rocked under a pair of denims.

Just like other training shoes from the 90’s, the Reebok Scrimmage was made famous by great athletes such as Emmitt Smith. So if you want a taste of the big leagues, look out for multiple colorways of the Reebok Scrimmage dropping later this year at Finishline.