College Colors Day: August 30th


What is the most important day to represent certain colors? Christmas? St. Patrick’s Day? Fourth of July? No, no, well maybe that last one…Anyway, no, it’s the annual College Colors Day on August 30th, and it’s vastly approaching.

College Colors day has swept the nation for the past five years, and millions of students support their University by not only cheering for their school loudly through their mouth:

…but also by showing it boldly through their attire. Sporting your pride around campus is the single most important way to get that school spirit flowing to drive your team to victory. 

The official countdown to this rival celebration has begun. You don’t want to be the only one who heads back to school without the proper uniform, and if you’re a freshman, well, that mistake is at the top of our Do’s and Don’ts list.

Here’s some gear to get you prepared for Colors Day.