College Basketball’s Best of the Best


It goes without saying that college basketball this season has been Big Ten this and Big Ten that, with the conference having some of the best teams that the collegiate ranks have to offer. With that development, it’d be easy to say that the Big 10 is the best conference, but we’ve done some analytics that say otherwise. Don’t believe us? Check out our ranking of the top five NCAA basketball conferences.

5. Big 10

You might think we’re just being facetious seeing as this conference has five teams ranked in the top-25, but aside from those squads, the rest of the competition is no competition. Maybe mediocre, at best. College basketball thrives on parity and in the Big Ten, there just isn’t too much of that to rank them any higher than the other powerhouse conferences.

4. ACC

With Duke and North Carolina in the same conference, the ACC will pretty much always remain among the best in the country. Like the Big 10, the ACC doesn’t offer too much more outside of those two teams aside from a dark horse that haphazardly comes into the picture. After that, the dropoff in talent is huge, making this conference just average among the best.

3. Pac-12

The Pac-12 is home to a number of the top teams in college basketball and while there are some teams that aren’t that great, the worst isn’t too bad. We chalk it up to the better teams being legitimately good.

2. Mountain West Conference

Being ranked this high might come across as quite a stretch seeing as other conferences are seemingly better, but our numbers just don’t lie. The conference has the 2nd highest average number of wins and the lowest average number of losses. It just goes to show that the level of competition is about as high as the altitude in the Mountain West Conference.

1. Big East

This may come as a surprise, but the Big East is without a doubt the strongest and overall best conference in college basketball right now. Whether that will remain the case as the season progresses remains unseen, but with the top team not peaking too high and the worst team not bottoming out too low, there’s an impressive amount of parity within the conference. On any given night, a lower team can pull off an upset over a one with a better record and potentially shake things up. The strength of this conference lies within its unpredictability, so it takes top spot.