Cheer Your Child Onto Success


As your kids learn and grow, it’s important to find the best way to motivate them on the court and the field. Sports have become a huge part of childhood in America and there are a few tips that can help any parent become the best cheerleader for their child.


According to experts, it’s important to encourage your child to participate in the sports that interest him or her. Even though you may love football or basketball, your children deserve a say in what they play. That means also supporting your child if they decide to stop playing a sport. Pushing him or her into something they don’t want to do can cause conflict at home or at school, so let them have a voice.


One thing that many parents find it hard not to focus on is the concept of winning. Experts say that you should take the pressure off your child by helping them set achievable goals while playing sports, rather than focusing on simply winning. Children who are pushed to win often feel anxious and can’t play to the best of their ability.


In addition, don’t yell at or criticize your child from the sidelines. This can be very detrimental for any budding athlete. It’s ok to be vocal, but make sure to be encouraging. Let your child’s coach do his or her job while you focus on supporting your child. You can give them some constructive criticism after a performance, but make sure to keep it simple and make it positive. That way, your child will associate tips for improvement with successful behaviors.


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