Celebrity Workout Gimmicks Featuring Elisabeth Hasselbeck


In her book and on her website, Elisabeth Hasselbeck outlines her plan for healthy living by following a gluten-free diet ( Although her decision to be gluten-free stemmed from the sick feeling she had when eating gluten, the binding element in wheat, Hasselbeck says the health benefits of the gluten-free way of life make it an easy way for many people to get healthy and feel better about their bodies. Hasselbeck talks about good sources of protein for people on gluten-free diets and also discusses how to continue getting fiber and other necessary nutrients while cutting out gluten. Hasselbeck offers lots of G-Free recipes on her website and also provides a forum for people to discuss the challenges of living gluten-free.


Fitness Products and Promotions

Elisabeth Hasselbeck also promotes a healthy lifestyle along with her gluten-free eating habits. She is a spokesperson for the ab GLIDER, a fitness product that claims to help you get ripped abs in no time. The product, sold by Pro-Form, comes with program DVDs and a weight-loss eating guide. In addition to fitness products, Hasselbeck also promotes NoGii bars that are also gluten-free. In addition, she’s an avid runner, so many of the posts on her blog and website promote getting outside and hitting the trail or track. Hasselbeck often promotes favorite workout products or gear to stay active and balance a healthy eating program.


Overall, Elisabeth Hasselbeck promotes a balance between a solid fitness routine and a healthy, gluten-free diet to stay fit. While her program seems easy to follow and incorporate into any lifestyle, it’s still important to check with your doctor before starting any new diet or fitness routine. If you are contemplating a gluten-free diet, be sure to discuss with a nutritionist or physician how to do so safely and effectively. You want to make sure you are getting the right amount of nutrients to stay healthy and help your body thrive. That way, you can be strong and healthy while also getting the sustenance you need to live life to the fullest.