Celebrating The Classic That Is Nike Cortez


With a history that expands over 50 years in Los Angeles, Nike has devoted their attention to the footprint of Nike Cortez. Stating,”no single connection between a shoe and a city is as strong as Los Angeles’ embrace of the Nike Cortez, originally released in 1972.” In celebration of the Cortez’ 45th anniversary, we’re taking a look at some of the latest from this model and how the sneaker evolved from the city of angels into the closets of many. 

Nike Classic Cortez - Dianakmir

Image via @dianakmir

Always turning heads since it’s first release in 1972 the Classic Cortez has returned with an extra premium touch. As an original classic on the track and in hollywood, thanks to its big screen appearance in Forest Gump and well known Farrah Fawcett shoot, this colorway of the Cortez still holds true to that number one spot in many hearts. 

Can’t go wrong with a black and white colorway and the Cortez didn’t skip a beat on that trend at all. Like the Classic colorway of the sneaker, this premium look is one that can keep an athleisure outfit looking clean. 

Dianakmir beautiful x powerful cortez

Image via @dianakmir

The latest look for the Cortez came through the last Beautiful x Powerful collection. Premium white leather, perfect for the summer and stemming from the inspirational story of the fastest woman in the world, Elaine Thompson. Again, this look is something clean, minimal and a style to pair with all kinds of fashion. 

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