Can We Kick It? This Week’s Sneak Geek: @Krvanch


There are people like you out there, and it’s time you kicked it with them in the viral sphere. We want to introduce you to the “regular” people on Twitter and Instagram that share a true love for sneakers, and we’re doing it weekly. “Can We Kick It? This Week’s Sneaker Geek” is not about who has the biggest collection or the rarest pairs—it’s purely about passion.

  • Name: Todd Krevanchi
  • Age: 39 
  • Location: Catasauqua, PA (Lehigh Valley)
  • Size: 11 primarily, 10.5 in some shoes

The crazy thing about social media is you often find yourself having conversations with people you barely know. You might go back-and-forth with someone for an hour about the state of sneakers only to find out he is a 15-year-old from Boise, Idaho who just started collecting last year. Or, maybe you’re talking with one of the originators of NikeTalk. Meet This Week’s Geek: Todd Krevanchi.

As a kid, Todd was inspired by athletes such as Bo Jackson, Charles Barkley, Andre Agassi, and obviously, Michael Jordan.  He connected both to the athletes on the field or court, as well as the style represented on his feet.  As the years went on, like all of us, he grew and evolved his taste in kicks. Todd isn’t a guy that just buys everything just to buy it—he dials in and picks and chooses what he truly likes and connects with. In total, his number is north of 115 pairs.

Now, Todd is an OG in the game, 39 years young, and his oldest pair is an original release Nike Flight ’89 (the picture below furthest to the left). When asking Todd to pinpoint when sneakers became more than just a hobby he said, “It would be in 1999 when Meth, Nelson, BJ and I started NikeTalk”.  No big deal right? He only helped start the most influential sneaker forum the internet has ever seen, and he has been humble every step of the way.

Funny thing is, when we started our Sneak Geek search we had no clue that he had any involvement in NikeTalk at all.  He’s interacted with us a number of times and has always been on point and knowledgeable with everything he says.

Todd’s last pickup was a few months ago, and was a Nike Free Trail, but his go-to shoe in his stash is his 1999 Air Jordan Retro IV, the same “White Cement” colorway that he wore in 1989 (see basketball team picture above).

Check Todd out and give him a follow.  He may be one of the most knowledgeable collectors you meet.