Can the Heat Repeat?


We’re not even a month into the NBA season, yet fans and analysts alike are looking forward to the playoffs and beyond. The reigning champs, the Miami Heat, are looking to continue their success from last year and go for back-to-back titles. With major trades made during the offseason, the question is whether they’re capable to repeating. Check out our rundown as we analyze if the Heat can stay hot.

Same team: Their “Big-Three” is back, and with another year of playing together under their belts, the team’s chemistry should be at an all-time high. Couple that with the addition of veterans Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis to give their roster depth, and they should easily make a run straight to the Finals.

No competition: Frankly, with all the shaking up other teams have done over the summer, we just don’t believe it’s enough to challenge the high-powered offense of the Miami Heat. The chemistry factor comes into play as well in this case, as teams with newly acquired players won’t be able to translate that into instant success.

LeBron James: He’s the X-Factor. The leader of the team. He’s racked up the awards, and now finally has a championship ring to go with everything. If you thought the fire was burning in his eyes before, think again, because according to LeBron himself, he hasn’t taken any days off.

With all of these factors taken into consideration, the road to the Finals and ultimately another championship ring is a clear path.