Cam Newton Highlight Trainer


Despite their name, Under Armour is done being just an inconspicuous undergarment. To step out from underneath, they’re introducing a new line of eccentric sports sneakers that are bent on demanding your attention. So, they’ve chosen rising icon, Cam Newton, to debut their newest eye-catching model.

Meet the Under Armour Cam Newton Highlight Trainer. At first glance, it’s looks like a low-top sneaker with a sock-like sleeve crawling out from inside. After taking a longer look, you realize that that’s exactly what it is.

The idea behind it is to offer the freedom of a low-cut shoe, while providing ankle-protection, reminiscent of a high-top. With a mash-up of materials, including a synthetic plastic-like upper and suede on the toe box, the Highlight Trainer is truly a design Frankenstein.

With the release of this sneaker, check out the Under Armour Charged Cotton “Fear No One” Tee Shirt featuring Cam Newton’s trademark touchdown celebration. 

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