Behind The Scenes with Madison Beer and adidas

Madison Beer in studio on Snap

Madison Beer in Recording Studio. via SnapChat: FinishLineUSA

It’s not every day you hear a story like Madison Beer’s. A fairytale for a young singer to say the least. The 16 year old recording artist was discovered on YouTube in 2012 by none other than the YouTube phenomenon himself, Justin Bieber. At a young age, Madison has released multiple singles and embodies her music, style and fans with such ease. You would think the industry would change a young girl with being in the spotlight and all the pressures, but Madison showed her true, lighthearted self when on set with Finish Line and adidas in L.A. 

“I’ve always sang. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do.”

Singing has been a part of Madison’s life from the beginning. Her passion and love for all things music lead her to posting covers on YouTube and she’s been rising to the occasion ever since. Out of the studio, Madison keeps music close by even when her glam team is getting her ready. Hitting high notes and casually singing songs throughout the day made the environment fun and super entertaining. As a millennial in the world of music, Madison is very in touch with social media and interacts with her fans constantly. She likes people to know how much she truly appreciates them and keeps up with sending positive messages through SnapChat, Twitter and Instagram. Miss Beer is also very connected with her style and keeps it real when breaking down what she likes to wear for different occasions. From adidas Ultraboost and leggings to edgy, chic pieces, Madison rocks it all. 

Madison Beer SnapChat 1

Runyon Canyon with Madison Beer. via SnapChat: FinishLineUSA

This young lady has only begun to show us what she’s capable of and her collaboration with Finish Line and adidas casts a light on her journey to success. Keep an eye out for our official post of Madison Beer sporting our top adidas styles and an interview to get to know the girl behind the amazing voice. 

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