Brotherly Love In Professional Sports


We decided to call out some of the best brothers in sports for National Brothers Day. We all know how competitive things can get between siblings, whether it’s sports or racing to the car to make sure you get shotgun. Some brothers and sisters can be civil when it comes to competition, but it can also get ruthless with false claims of adoption being thrown around. Whether you’re on the same team or opposite sides competing with one another, there is no better feeling than getting to play against your biggest rival and supporter.

10. Benji, Yadier, and Jose Molina. MLB

Their mom must be so proud. It’s not everyday that all three of your sons make it big in the MLB. These brothers all held starting roles in the major league and they are also the only three brothers in MLB history to all win World Series rings.

molina-brothers-e1408376506480Image Via: NextImpulseSports