Brooks & How They Are Redefining Running


The running landscape is constantly evolving, as well as the runner traversing it. One brand that’s making a point to stay current and bridge the gap between the two is Brooks Sports. For runners looking to change the way they run, check out these shoes from Brooks and find out why you might need to go a different route.

This is the 12th time Brooks has gone back to the drawing board to revamp the Adrenaline GTS 12, but it’s still the fit and feel you’ve come to expect. This time they’ve added more mesh to the upper and a crash pad in the heel for increased ventilation and shock absorption, respectively. For them to continue to make this shoe, they’ve got to be doing something right.

For those with a more neutral and natural running gait, there’s theĀ Pure Flow 2.0. With superior arch support, and a center strike pod to promote a more natural landing, the added technology has made for a bulky shoe. If you’re hitting the trails, you might need a little extra for what Mother Nature has up her sleeve.

Catering to a wider range of neutral runners is theĀ Ghost 5. What makes this shoe so good is Brooks took the opportunity to incorporate the best of the Ghost 3 and 4, and adding a few more innovations. Incredibly smooth, well-balanced and adaptive, it’s the perfect shoe for the you and your imperfections.

The beauty of the Brooks line is in their variety, and being available for men and women, there’s an option for every runner.