Reebok and Finish Line present “BREATHE – Live Outside the Spotlight“. 

A gut-wrenching training session will take your breath away. So can a sunset. Sprints will get you winded. So will laughter. The last set on ropes can leave you breathless and the right track can do the same. The moments that take our breath away are the moments when we’re living the most.


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Reebok Classic and Finish Line partner to bring fans an exclusive look into the lives, styles, and creative processes of some of the world’s top musical artists. Studio Sessions kicks off with renowned hip-hop artist and Reebok Classic rep, Kendrick Lamar.

When Kendrick Lamar first teamed up with Reebok, we all knew it would be a huge success. Now, hear him out as he sits down with Jacques Slade, in the same studio where he created his latest album, To Pimp a Butterfly.

The two rappers, with a mutual love for classic sneakers, discuss what inspires Kendrick’s music, how he is motivated by the community he came from, and his signature style. He describes how he formed his style back in middle school, which is when classic Reebok silhouettes like the Ventilator and Classic Nylon became a permanent part of his wardrobe. Kendrick also invites kids from his alma mater, Centennial High School to listen to the discussion and ask him a few questions of their own.

Watch Episode 1 of Studio Sessions below, and bookmark this post so you never miss a new video as we roll out with a new one every week.

Kendrick Lamar Reebok Ventilator

“Take a break. Step out the studio. Sometimes it may be an hour. Maybe a whole week. Just to get your mind right and do some other things. You could be riding a bike, talking to someone, reading a book. Anything to get that inspiration back on.” – Kendrick Lamar

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