Breakdown of Fitness Trackers


If you are a healthy conscious individual and have yet to jump on the fitness tracker bandwagon, well, what are you waiting for? Not only is it a trend, but it’s a trend for a good reason, because fitness trackers add a little science and math to your workouts to help you know just exactly what you are accomplishing. There are a number of these types of products currently on the market, and choosing which one that is best for you might be a little difficult. Don’t worry, we are here to help, so read below to figure out which fitness trackers do what.


Nike+ Fuel Band

The Nike+ Fuel Band is unique to other fitness trackers, mainly because it uses its very own universal metric for calculating your activity levels. The more you move, whether it be running, biking, dancing, hooping, or you name it, the Fuel Band calculates how many Fuel Points you earn while doing these activities. You can challenge yourself to personal goals, compete with yesterday’s Fuel Points, or go head to head with one of your buddies to see who works-out the hardest. Another great thing about the Fuel Band is that you can easily track your progress on the easy-to-use iPhone app.


Adidas miCoach

The adidas miCoach is somewhat of a more traditional fitness tracker, because it uses more traditional metrics to calculate your workout activity. For example, the miCoach will track things such as average and maximum speed, number of sprints, distance at high intestity levels, and steps and stride. Another benefit of the miCoach is that it is compatible with adidas shoes across a wide array of sports, including soccer, basketball, football, tennis, and running. Just as you can do with the Nike Fuel Band, the miCoach allows you to store and track your workout data through a MAC, PC, or smartphone.


UA Armour39

Under Armour has recently developed their answer to the fitness tracking system, and although it’s not available to the public yet, it will be this spring. The UA Armour39 uses both traditional metrics such as heart rate and calories burned, and also their own metric, WILLpower. What’s WILLpower? It measures each workout intensity and boils it down to a single score from 0.0 to 10.0. The higher the WILLpower, the more intense your workout was. Just as its competitor fitness trackers, the UA Armour39 syncs up with your smartphone or computer so you can easily track your fitness results.


Jawbone UP

The Jawbone UP has a similar design to the Nike Fuel Band, in that you wear it around your wrist, but there are, however, many differences between the two. This fitness tracker shows how many miles walked or ran as well as calories burned, but the Jawbone does some pretty interesting things that other fitness trackers don’t do. The Jawbone also keeps track of your sleeping patterns, and you can even set up a silent vibrating alarm that will wake you up 30 minutes before your wake up time based on your REM cycles. So not only does the Jawbone track your fitness, but it also attempts to make other aspects of your life healthy, including sleep patterns.