Blister Prevention


Getting a blister falls under the category of things that are easy to get, easy to prevent, yet at the end of the day, they happen anyway. Sometimes, despite taking the necessary precautions, it’s just inevitable that you’ll fall victim to the dreaded blister. That being said, whether you’re working out or your shoes don’t fit quite right, we’ve outlined some guidelines to help you beat blisters.

At the gym, your motto may be “no pain, no gain”, but getting a blister on your hands doesn’t have to be a requirement. In this case, you want to eliminate the friction by getting a pair of gloves to create a barrier of protection.

For your feet, you want to go with a well-fitting and comfortable shoe. Needless to say, too tight of a shoe isn’t practical, and one with a little extra room introduces the friction factor. Also, to aid in prevention, a comfortable, snug sock is ideal.


Now that you’ve got tips to stave off blisters, there’s one last line of defense that acts as medicine and cure. The Mission Athletecare Blister Armour Anti-Friction Stick helps to prevent blisters, and also works to relieve them should you be stricken. Heels or toes, running shoes or high-heels, the Anti-Friction Stick is the last defense and your best defense against blisters.