adidas BOOST

The Biggest adidas BOOST Moments From The Last 5 Years


Back in 2013, adidas changed the game when they unveiled a brand new running shoe that was unlike any other. No, not the UltraBOOST but the adidas Energy BOOST was the first sneaker from the brand with three-stripes. While it took a little coaxing and cosigns from select people to get some credibility, the shoe didn’t do as much in the market as adidas had hoped it would. Fast forward two years and adidas would release what was hailed by the German brand as “The Greatest Running Shoe Ever”, theĀ adidas UltraBOOST. Since its fruition, BOOST has come a long way and changed the way sneakers are expected to feel. Next time you step out, look around at people footwork and you’ll be surprised how much BOOST is out there.