Best Places to Run In/Near Miami


You don’t really need a reason to take your running talents to South Beach, so if you choose to make the decision to go down there, we’ve got a few spots to check out.

You’re in Miami, so hitting the seashore is pretty much a given. For your beach fix, there’s Miami Beach’s Boardwalk. Naturally it’s runs right along the shore, fully equipped with a breathtaking view of the ocean. Being just a two mile stretch, running from 21st to 46th street, if you need to extend your run, this route spits you right out on the sandy beach.

Kennedy Park is another trail with spectacular views of the beach. Although this one is made to be a place for runners of all levels, don’t expect it to be that easy. In fact, if you’re looking to break a sweat, Kennedy Park is where it’s at. Tired of running? There is free gym equipment available within the park for a total workout.

If you’re a runner and you plan to keep running for years to come, paved paths aren’t going to help. In this case, Miami has the perfect option in its Tropical Park. This one’s an interesting spot, though, as you may encounter a horse or two along this trail that doubles as an equestrian route.

There aren’t many places in Miami where you can get away from the beach, so there’s no point running away from it. You can’t deny the awesome feeling of the cool ocean breeze to offset the South Florida sun, and Morningside Park is where you’ll find that. There you’ll also find amazing pretty paved paths, shaded by the palm trees that are trademark to the area.

You haven’t been to South Beach unless you’ve taken it all the way down south, so for an awesome place to run, check out South Pointe Park. Everyone loves to go out and about in the area, so it’s the perfect spot for those who want to see and be seen. The state of Florida really pulls out all of the stops for this location, as its perfectly polished and pristine grounds are simply immaculate. Like anything that’s worth checking out, it’s going to cost you, so keep a few coins handy to park your car.