Baller on a Budget: Who Needs Trainers When We Have Each Other?


Motivation to stay in shape doesn’t have to come from screaming personal trainers or expensive group classes.  Instead, I have found an app that gives you all the incentive you need.

Fleetly, a completely free app, has eliminated the need for personal trainers. Using Fleetly, my friends and I are able to monitor each other’s exercise activity, encourage (or talk trash to) each other along the way, and most importantly, reward ourselves with prizes at the end of each week.

Not only does this app give you the tools to compete with your friends, but it also provides an endless supply of workout routines. Prior to downloading Fleetly, I was never quite sure if my workouts were correct, asking myself, Am I doing this exercise right? Should I be doing pushups before pull-ups? Does it matter? With Fleetly’s detailed routines and instructions, you’ll never have another doubt again.

And most importantly for those of us on a budget, Fleetly also provides a vast array of DIY workouts, further proof there is no reason to step foot in a gym.

When competing with your friends, the app has its own point system that you can use, or you can come up with your own. For example, my friends and I set certain goals at the beginning of each week and adhere to a strict honor code when logging our results. When Friday rolls around, we review the stats and whoever exceeds his goals by the widest margin is named the winner, an accomplishment that is usually rewarded with a free meal.

The rules of the competition may vary, but the price never will. And if Fleetly somehow fails to meet all your needs, there are plenty of other options out there to track your exercise activity and keep the competition going.

What are some of your favorite ways to compete with friends or just get motivated to workout? Some of ours are:

  1. Fitocracy: Fitness gamification app, very similar to Fleetly
  2. Nike+ Sportband: Track your pace, distance, time, and calories burned while you walk or run
  3. Nike+ Sensor: Pick run playlists while you track your stats


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