Baller on a Budget: Gyms Are Overrated


Gyms are overrated, and if you’re a struggling 20-something, paying their membership fees is probably not a possibility. Luckily for us, finding a great game of pick-up or a brand new trail run can be a great way to avoid the costs of the gym while still maintaining our ability to look good.

Everyone knows that running is a great way to stay in shape, so make the most of your run by finding the best trails in your area.  The American Trail Running Association is a great resource.

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But then again, some of us ballers feel that running is more of a punishment than a sport. No need to worry, because wherever you are, odds are pretty high that there is a court somewhere in your area, and where’s there’s a court, us ballers thrive.

To find courts in your area, look no further than, a great resource with a huge directory of open courts all over the world. To stay up to date on the pick-up baller community and find games to join instantly, just download the InfiniteHoops app and see what’s out there for yourself.

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As always I want to know your thoughts. What are your favorite ways of staying in shape while staying away from the gym?

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