The Best Back to School Backpacks


I don’t know how kids these days see it, but the coming of summer vacation was a bittersweet time. Yeah, a break from school was always welcomed, but there’s was the disconnected feeling of being without friends, and then of course, the anxiety of school being on its way come September. For me, what seemed to calm my nerves more often than not was a good old-fashioned back to school shopping spree, and surprisingly, a brand new backpack was just the ticket. Not saying that this will be the case for your school-going kid, but it sure wouldn’t hurt.

First up is the Nike Team Training Backpack. Available in four different color combinations, all of which are geared toward schoolgirls, it’s the backpack that can handle all situations. Waterproof and reinforced to handle heavy loads, it’s the perfect blend of style and substance. 


LeBron James has forayed into all things athletic it seems, backpacks included. For the athlete in your family, the Nike LeBron Courtster Backpack is a winner. We won’t try to persuade you on a new pair of LeBrons to match, we promise.


Got more of a modest and diligent student? Check out the JanSport Houston Backpack. It’s not too flashy and not too shabby, somehow finding a happy medium. A numerous amount of compartments in addition to a padded sleeve for laptops, and this backpack can get no better.


Can’t go wrong with a classic, and as its name states, JanSport Right Pack Backpack is just right. The materials have been updated with premium Cordura mesh fabric being used for durability. It’s the backpack that just won’t go away, because simply, it just works. 


Back to school doesn’t have to be a depressing time. In fact, it can be a joyful one, and a few new items is just the ticket. Might as well start with a kids’ backpack from Finish Line.