Awesome Athletic Flats


It seems as though Back to the Future was accurate in its prediction that sneakers in the future wouldn’t have laces. Although we don’t have automatic lacing systems just yet, there are options for women in search of an casual shoe with slight athletic qualities.


First up is the Puma Winning Diva Ballerina shoe. It’s hard to find a shoe that’s both stylish and casual all rolled into one, but Puma seems to have found the formula. Whether you’re wearing jeans or skirt, there aren’t too many things these shoes don’t go with.


If you’re looking for something a little more on the casual side, have a gander at the Lacoste Martha 6 shoe. Flats made their debut sometime in the last decade, but they haven’t made any indications that they are going anywhere. So for this spring season, you’re in the clear to acquire a pair without any worries of being out of style.


With the average person doing more and more, being active on the go, a versatile shoe is becoming more of a necessity, so check out these and more at