Athletic Training for Kids


With the level of competition rising exponentially on every level of competition, it’s becoming commonplace to see kids training at earlier and earlier ages to get a leg up on the competition. Just like most things, too much of a good thing can be detrimental, so if you’re thinking about helping your child train, it’d be important to keep these tips in mind.

First off, your child workout activities need to be age-appropriate. So, basically speaking, you probably don’t want to shoot for making your 7-year-old a gym rat. You need to implement a program that prevent injury, while promoting proper mechanics that their growing body needs. Proceed with caution because poorly designed programs can inhibit future athletic performance. From the ages of 2-5, it’s best to let your kid have free roam, allowing them to run, jump and climb in an unstructured environment. Once they get to 6 to 7 and their attention span gets a little longer, enrolling them in sports and martial arts is a good start. From the age of 8 is when you can begin to integrate workouts into their activity.

No idea on how you should train your kid? Well, first off, it’s important to include proper stretching and flexibility routines as they’ll lengthen and strengthen the muscles and increase the range of motion of the joints.

When it comes to strength training, it’s fair game, as long as no weights are involved. Calisthenics are the way to go, as the exercises use your own body weight instead of added weight that can put unneeded stress on a growing child or adolescent. The beauty of calisthenics is that the risk of injury is low, while the occurrence of benefits and results is a given.

So, there you have it. Following this steps and adhering to the stages is a surefire way of training your kid and doing it the right way.