Are the Lakers For Real?


With 33 collective All-Star Game appearances, one of the greatest players to every dribble a basketball and Metta World Peace, you’d be hard-pressed to find a reason for the Lakers’ early struggles. Despite that, we’ve managed to dig deep and determine three things the Lakers need in order to get things on track and live up to their lofty expectations.

Coach: One of the greatest teams ever assembled is going to require a larger than life leader, and there may only be one person for the job. Ironically, he chooses to sit in a fairly large chair specially built for his 6’8 frame.

Chemistry: Some chemical reactions are instantaneous, while others are processes that develop over time. In the case of multiple personalities and playing styles combining, we reckon it’ll take a little while for these teammates to get acclimated. After all, chemistry is built throughout the course of a season.

Clippers: If you’re talking basketball in Los Angeles, it’s rarely about the Clippers. But with the Lakers’ Staples Center roomie expected to make a run in the playoffs, this may be the motivation the Lakeshow needs to get things in gear.

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