App Spotlight: Bike Repair


Like it’s been stated time and time again, if you can think of it, there’s an app for it. This time around, it’s bike repair, and if you didn’t know, since July 30th, 2011, you’ve been covered. So if you’ve got a bike that been broken for a while collecting dust in the corner, you may have the power to give your bike new life in the palm of your hands.


As its title implies, Bike Repair specializes in bike repair. Whatever is wrong with your bike, Bike Repair has the answer. If your rear derailleur has a problem, simply tap “Rear Derailleur” and find the option in the list that corresponds to what the problem is.


The app has got 79 problems explained (and counting) in its memory banks, with 58 step-by-step guides and over 270 photos, so you don’t have to read through confusing instructions.


Fixing a bike has never been easy, especially if you end up having to take it to a shop, but now you don’t have to. Check it out on your iPhone/iPad here: Bike Repair - Atomic Softwares or check it out on your Android device and get those wheels back on the road.