Air Jordan Retro

Air Jordan Retro 9 “The Spirit”


The Chicago Bulls honored MJ with a 12-foot-tall bronze statue outside the United Center back in 1994 after his Airness retired from the game of basketball. If you’ve ever been to the United Center; then you have seen people crowding around it for that perfect photo, or even people trying to mirror MJ’s historic pose that we all know. Jordan is wearing the Air Jordan 9 because at the time in 1993-1994, that was the latest signature of the Air Jordan line and was chosen for his footwear. It’s always been thought as odd that Mike was wearing the Jordan 9 in the statue, since he had never played a game as a Bull in them. With the statue being known as “The Spirit” it’s only right that we get a retro to honor the statue and MJ.

The Air Jordan Retro 9 “The Spirit” is meant to honor the bronze statue that stands tall outside of the United Center. It was meant to signify that the spirit of MJ lived on with the franchise despite him moving on to baseball. Mike returned 2 years later and led the Chicago Bulls to another three-peat. With a clean white leather upper covering most of the shoe, the black tongue and militia green compliment each other perfectly to resemble MJ’s statue. Since we can’t take the statue with us why not honor it with your kicks? Make sure you pick up the Air Jordan Retro 9 “The Spirit” on August 22nd at