Air Jordan 3Lab5 “Metallic Silver”


I bet most of you have seen the Jordan Lab series all over the internet by now, but do you know the story behind them? It’s actually pretty cool, and there is a lot more to it than just throwing some elephant print on non-retro 3’s.

The Jordan Lab series is designed to highlight specific materials and design elements that became iconic overtime and helped the Jordan Brand reach the levels of popularity that it is at today. Most classic Jordans, if not all, have 1 or 2 special design elements that are unique to them. In most cases, it was these models that introduced these materials to basketball shoes.

Some examples include the faux lizard skin on the Jordan 2’s, cement print on the Jordan 4’s, and patent leather on the Jordan 11’s. Many of these materials have outgrown the shoe they were originally intended for and made it to different shoes across Jordan, Nike, and even other brand’s lines.

Of course you can’t talk about these iconic materials without starting with the elephant print that debuted on the Jordan 3. Talk about a design that has been used everywhere from shoes to clothing to accessories (I have an elephant print Jordan backpack.) We get this all over the Jordan 5 silhouette for the 3rd time, and this time it’s in a classic Metallic Silver colorway. Is this a must cop or what?

Get the Air Jordan 3Lab5 on July 26 at 8AM EST at