Adorable Easy-On, Easy-Off Shoes for Toddlers


As a parent of a toddler, it seems like there are never enough moments in the day. When it’s time to get your little one out the door, whether you’re headed off to a play-date or to nursery school, precious time is often wasted trying to get your little one’s footwear on. Instead of struggling with shoelaces, why not try some easy slip-ons? Many brands are making adorable toddler shoes that are as easy for you to put on your tyke as they are comfortable for him or her to wear. Check out some of our favorite easy-on, easy-off kicks for the little one in your life.

If your toddler is a girly-girl to the max, then the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Easy Slip Casual Shoes in Silver/Pink are sure to make her smile. They seriously cut down on the hassle factor as you are trying to scurry her out the door, as they slip right on over her foot. They have the athletic-styling that she’ll love, but you don’t have to worry about getting her to hold still while you tie her laces!

Styled to look like a race-car, yet just as easy to put on as the girls’ version, the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Easy Slip Casual Shoes for toddler boys is a great, time-saving choice. These shoes get points for their speedy style and design!

Another great sneaker option for little girls is the Triple Up from Skechers. Bright colors and fun designs will make these one of her favorites, while the super-simple and fast double Velcro straps will make them tops in your book as well.

For your active little boy, the Nike Air Max Express Toddler Shoes have athletic elements that make them look just like adult training shoes, but they are designed with features that enable you to get them on and off his feet easily. The pull tab on the back heel is a life-saving feature, helping you to get these high-tops on quickly, while the Velcro strap keeps these kicks in place in record time.

Save yourself precious moments when it’s time to head out the door with these cute shoes the toddler in your life will just as much as you do!