adidas Unveils the Springblade


In regards to innovation in the running game, it’s hard to argue against the statement that nobody is doing it quite like adidas right now. Just months after the company revolutionized the running shoe midsole with the launch of the adidas Boost, they are set to do it all over again with the adidas Springblade.

While the adidas Boost showcased a brand new and revolutionary technology, the shoe did not have much shock value in terms of aesthetics. So if you felt like you weren’t getting the surprise you hoped for with the Boost, the adidas Springblade ought to fill that void.

The adidas Springblade truly looks like a shoe straight from the science fiction movies, and you really want to picture Wesley Snipes fighting off vampires in a pair of these brightly colored bad boys. But don’t think that this one-of-a-kind shoe is just all about looks, because the Springblade’s revolutionary design is made to give you a run like you’ve never experienced before.

They key to the Springblade’s performance comes from the newly designed midsole which adidas has perfected over the last six years of testing. The individual blades that extend from the midsole are engineered to give you a maximum amount of energy return in each stride, propelling you forward as you run. To ensure that you get the most from each stride, the upper of this shoe was made to hug the top of your foot as well as have enough flexibility to work in harmony with your natural stride.

So if you are looking to experience the next generation of running innovation, look for the adidas Springblade to hit on August 1st.