adidas Ultra Boost

adidas Ultra Boost, Uncaged and PureBOOST ‘Silver Pack’


adidas Ultra Boost 'Silver Pack'

Late last month adidas shut down the internet for a day when they debuted their new cleat that looked just like the adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 running shoe. They took it a step further by releasing that cleat and a matching Ultra Boost during halftime at the Super Bowl and they were gone in a flash. Sneakerheads took to social media after the release as many people missed out but now there is a second chance to grab the Ultra Boost and a matching Uncaged pair and a PureBOOST. The adidas ‘Silver Pack’ consists of three shoes that all have a silver colored Boost sole. Last year we saw the colored Boost design hit the market when they released the black boost and red boost on the Uncaged model. This pack will be the first that we see a silver color scheme on the Boost sole and hopefully it won’t be our last. With the adidas Boost craze being so popular right now you can count on these not sitting around for long so you will want to act fast. Your toughest decision will be if you want just one pair or all three.

You can grab a pair from the adidas Running ‘Silver Pack’ on February 16th on