A Present from Reebok on Christmas Eve


Is there any question as to who is the greatest French-born basketball player to come out of the state of Georgia? If you answered Dominique Wilkins, then you are absolutely correct. Wilkins played three seasons at the University of Georgia where he the led the nation in scoring. His number 21 jersey was later retired by the university.

Nique went on to play the majority of his illustrious professional career with the Atlanta Hawks, where he led the team to eight playoff appearances including a clash with Larry Bird’s Celtics. An often overlooked piece of information that will win most trivia contest is Most people don’t know this piece of trivia: he was not actually drafted by the Atlanta Hawks.  He was drafted by the Utah Jazz, who was then quickly traded him to the Hawks.

Although, he is one of the NBA’s most prolific scorers, but was he is better known for his creative and thunderous dunking ability. Wilkins’ stardom reached an all-time high during his epic battles against Michael Jordan in the NBA Dunk Contest, back when they that contest actually meant something. Due to his electrifying performances, he will forever be known as the “Human Highlight Film.”

To celebrate these incredible moments in his career, Reebok is releasing the “Pump Twilight Pack”  on Christmas Eve with three different colors representing his days as a Bulldog (black/white/red), his days as a Hawk (white/red/grey), and the famous dunk contests (grey/red/silver).