6 Spring Looks for Active Men – Feat. Urban Street Runners


We already covered our favorite looks this spring for the ladies, and now it’s time we turn our focus to what’s hot over in the men’s department. Here are 6 Spring Looks for Active Men, brought to you by Joe and Arron of Urban Street Runners, to get you to get moving in this season:


Boxing at the Gym 

“adidas has a few looks for spring that I dig! My current favorites from the adidas line are the all-black sleeveless hoodie with the black Tiro Pants and my Spring Blade Ignites, which go hard with the Hoodie and Pants in my opinion. If I were to give two reasons why I like this look so much I would have to say that I like the way it looks on me, and I like how it feels when I’m getting active in it. I typically get way too hot and end up shirtless during a running session, but the adidas Sleeveless Hoodie keeps me at the perfect temperature. All together, it’s such a tough athletic look you might catch me in it weekly.” – Joe 

Nature Run

“When it came to the Nike LunarTempo, I heard nothing but great things … So I had to get them for myself. As soon as I received them, I had to take them for a test run. I ran on the pavement, and they were extremely comfortable because the sole of the shoe had a lot of cushion. I’m the type of person that doesn’t like a big looking sole, so these were perfect … I’ve always liked wearing slim pants when I go on runs. Not only because of the way they look, because they don’t weigh me down. The pants don’t restrict my stride and let me move freely.” – Aaron

Just Hanging Out 

“You can’t go wrong when it comes to Nikes Air Max line! I absolutely love all Air Max 2015s. All the colorways are dope, they feel good on foot, and they’re good kicks to run in!” – Joe

Cool Night Workouts 

“Let me just start with how comfortable this look is from head to toe. The adidas Standard One Anorak Jacket is dope from the feel to the design. I love how light it is, as well as the extra zip up pockets within the front pouch. The Team Issue pants are as light as jacket, and they feel crazy soft on the legs! The adidas Ultra Boosts are fire! They are some of the most comfortable kicks to hit 2015, and in my opinion their performance matches that comfort. I like this gear as active wear and casual wear.” – Joe

Casual Jog

“The Air Max Tavas are just so clean. I dig them as casual wear to keep my swag on par haha.” – Joe


Springing into the Season

“If you want to stand out and watch the visible compressing springs enhance your performance, these are made for you.” – Aaron 

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Photos: Ron Holden