25 Greatest NBA All Star Sneaker Moments


Written by Todd Krevanchi (@krvanch).

Traditionally, All Star Games in all sports have given the athletes an opportunity for a level of individuality in what they are able to wear, especially when it comes to footwear. Believe it or not, it was Major League Baseball’s mid-summer classic which first showcased player individuality. Players for teams whose cleats were a primary color like red or blue or even black took some personal license with their footwear. And that license was wearing white shoes.

In the early 80’s players from the Mets and Expos used the platform to stray from the norm of the standard blue cleat they wore. However, the practice had already begun in the early 70s. The habit of wearing white for the All Star Game grew to the point where it expanded to other teams and now to today when other colors are showcased.

The NBA took notice of this trend in the mid 80s at which point players also began to wear shoes not common with their game shoes. And again, just like baseball, it expanded. Actually, the process of wearing “alternate” sneakers for NBA All Star Weekend has exploded and is now a complete commercial extravaganza for the shoe companies.

While the NBA All Star Weekend heads north of the border for the first time in its history in just a few days, today we want to go back in time and analyze some of those sneakers. They’ll be anything from great All Star Weekend basketball moments and what was on foot, memories we have strictly because of the sneakers, to moments which have had an impact on the sneaker culture over time.

Take a look at what we feel the best of All Star Weekend has been…