5 Ways to Stay Fit this Summer


There are many things to love about the summer time, but staying fit without engaging in that grueling and monotonous workout routine has to be one of them. You may be wondering, Why don’t I have to workout in the summer? Well, it’s not that you don’t have to workout, there are just plenty of fun summertime activities that you can participate in that will give you a workout that is just as good as the gym. So read on as we give you the rundown on summer activities that will help you stay fit and have fun.

1. Swimming

It’s not secret that swimming is a great workout, and it’s also no secret that there are plenty of opportunities to swim during the summer. Whether you are in a lake, a pool, or wherever, most likely you will be doing a lot of lounging around with friends. However, you can use a little bit of that time to take the opportunity to get some laps in for a little extra exercise. Get your friends to participate by challenging them to a race, that way you will all get some exercise and have fun while doing it as well. 

2. Hiking

Since walking burns just about the same amount of calories as a jog at an equal distance, why not go for a nice hike in the wilderness instead? Hiking is a great summer past time, especially if you do it in the early mornings or evenings when the heat isn’t so unbearable outside. While walking through the wilderness and discovering all of Mother Nature’s beauty, you will hardly notice that you are even working out at all.

3. Dancing

Everyone seems to go out more in the summer, so next time you are out with your friends, how about hitting up the dance clubs instead of the bars? The atmosphere is basically the same, because anyone who wants to socialize can stand around and do so. You however, since you want a good workout, hit the dance floor and show off your moves. You will surely lose a good amount of calories while shaking your tail feathers whether you are a “good” dancer or not.

4. Yoga

The summer is the perfect opportunity to gather all of your friends for a backyard yoga party. Yoga is certainly all of the rage nowadays, so it shouldn’t be too difficult of a task to round up a few friends for a social and fun yoga workout. So take the boombox outside for some nice tunes, lay out the yoga mats, and get ready for some outdoor fitness fun.

5. Cycling

While it may be hot out during the day, the summertime creates the perfect atmosphere to start putting some miles on that bike that has been sitting in the garage since the day you bought it. Not only is cycling a great workout, but it’s also equally as fun once you finally build up the motivation to get you going. You have probably noticed that the number of cyclists on the streets increase during the summer, so you might even make some new friends along the way.