5 Ways For Your Kids to Beat the Heat


If there’s one thing we can expect when it comes to summer, it’s that the season never fails to surprise us with elevated temperatures. Seeing as we’ve accepted this development as fact, it only makes sense that you prepare your child to beat the heat this summer, so for a few tips, read up on the checklist we’ve compiled for you to jot down, keep in mind and keep handy.

1. Water

There’s nothing wrong with breaking a sweat. It’s when you stop sweating that problems arise. To keep the sweat reserves replenished, water is a must. Not only that, but a glass of water is sure to cool you down on a hot day.

2. Wear A Hat

If you’re having a hard time finding shade, bring a little bit of shade with you by keeping a hat stashed. It’s quick, it’s easy, and the perfect option if you’re looking for a little to go a long way.

3. Light Clothing

Tank and tees, so your kid can feel the breeze. It can’t be stated enough, that wearing the lightweight and light-colored clothes is half of the battle against the sun and its wrath.

4. Dive In

While drinking water is a good idea, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to completely submerge yourself in a body of water, by hitting up your local pool.

5. Cool Packs

If you have access to some flexible freezer packs, tie a few to your kid’s wrist. The coolness travels quickly into the bloodstream, leaving you feeling cooler almost instantly.

Don’t let the heat beat you and yours this summer, so stay ahead of the game and keep these tips in mind this season.