5 Tips to Keep Your Running Resolution Going


We’re two months into the New Year, so we feel it’s about that time to look back at that resolution you put together a few months ago and see how well you’ve been doing to keep at it. If you’re like us, getting into a good running groove was on that to-do list, and if you’re like most, you may not still be on the right running path. So, we’re here to give you some encouragement and tips to keep it going or get started back up again.

1. Sign Up For a Race

The running race season is on the verge of getting here, so if you need some motivation for getting back into running, sign up for a local race to give you something to work towards.

2. Join a Running Group

It isn’t always easy to get out there and run by yourself, so look into joining a group of runners that are already into it that will give you some extra encouragement with some like-minded individuals.

3. Try Some New Running Routes

Sometimes the thought of running becomes a little stale and boring, so feel free to change up your surroundings and go a different route to keep things interesting.

4. Keep Running On Your Mind

Check out some running magazines and running websites, and just keep your mind on running. The more you keep it in mind, the more likely you’ll be willing to get out there and actually run.

5. Pick Up New Gear

Sometimes some new shoes or shorts are just what you need to give you a reason to run, and there’s no better place to get a little something for motivation than