5 Things to Look Out For this NCAA Season


Football is back. We’ve taken the liberty to predict a few things that will take place this season.

1. Alabama Will Fall

Some team will come along and cause a ripple in the Crimson Tide. Texas A&M did it last year, and they have every reason to do it again.

If A&M doesn’t do it, Bama better hope that it’s smooth sailing throughout the rest of the season, because a win will get them into the SEC Championship game, and they won’t be able to afford a loss late in the season.

2. A Dark Horse Shall Come to Light

There is always a team that will coast through a relatively easy schedule and end up undefeated at the end of the year. Utah did it a few years ago, Boise State took the football world by storm, and it’s bound to happen this season too.

Teams are so evenly-matched, it all comes down to making big plays and good coaching.

3. The Hatred of the BCS Shall Reach an All-Time High

It’s the last year that the BCS will be in effect, and there will be a resounding “good riddance” that echoes. With everyone on edge for the dreaded system to be buried once and for all, it shall be the longest season of all-time.

As always, the system will baffle many. Alabama will somehow sneak into the championship against an unworthy opponent and blow them as we’ve seen in recent years.

4. A Top 5 Team Will Fall Out of the National Rankings

A bold statement, but stranger things have transpired. Will it be Alabama, Ohio State, Oregon, Stanford or Georgia?

  • Alabama is ruled out.
  • Ohio State is interesting. With Urban Meyer, their chances are staying hot are good as long as their Heisman-candidate quarterback stays healthy and makes smart decisions.
  • Oregon is still coasting off of the residual effects of having Chip Kelly at the helm, so they’re good for the most part. But without Chip on the sidelines, if they slip up, it can be a rocky season for the Ducks.
  • Stanford is now two years removed from the tutelage of Jim Harbaugh. Seemingly solid without the great coach, if they go down, they’ll take the Pac-12 with them.
  • Georgia is the dark horse of the SEC. With A&M on their heels, and dethroning Bama in their sights, a solid season is a requirement to stay up near the top.

5. The Big 12 is Disbanded

Despite the big teams in the Big 12, the conference seems to have shaky footing. Texas A&M’s departure wasn’t the best thing that could happen to the conference, and Texas’s ineptness is undoing the conference’s greatness.

Oklahoma will perform as good as a mid-major school, and knock-off Texas in the process. Oklahoma State seems to have voters convinced that they’re solid, but only time will tell if that assessment is valid.

We urge you to take these predictions with a grain of salt. It’s essentially a mess of smoke and mirrors when it comes to analyzing trends.

What are some of your college football predictions?