YoAnty Talks to Jamaal Charles About NFL Life


Finish Line’s own YoAnty got to spend some time with Jamaal Charles on the set of a recent photoshoot to help promote Puma’s recent FuelPack training shoes. Read on as YoAnty interviewed Charles, while he was off the set, on signing with Puma, what kind of competitor he is, and his opinions regarding The League.

YoAnty: How do you feel about the fact no running back was selected in the first round?

Charles: The league is changing. It’s now turning into a passing league. I feel like people just downgrade the running back position. I know the way I play the running back position. I know I am a big part of my team and a big part of the games. I’m versatile, I can do everything. I can catch and run the ball real well. They say it’s downgraded, but I don’t think it’s downgraded on my behalf.

YoAnty: What are you going to do with your game to prolong your career?

Charles: I have to set goals and reach a different goal and try to achieve those goals. You just can’t go out there and have no goals or set no goals on the field and just play and think things are going to happen. You have to set a goal. If you want to go into that game and want to run for 100 yards, you have to reach for that goal. That’s what makes me go out there and be who I am — because I set goals and I want to reach them. If I don’t reach them, I get mad because I am a competitor so I go to the next game and try to do it.

Jamaal Charles Interview PUMA Fuel Pack

YoAnty: What does your everyday workout routine look like?

Charles: What separates me from other running backs is that I am more like a speedster. I grew up running track. It was my first love. I try to get on the track once a week and run sprints and work on speed. That’s a big part of my game, and once I get to the second level, I can expand and get to the end zone. Once you get older, the strength will come along, but I just want to keep my speed.

YoAnty: Who are some of the more challenging players you have faced in the NFL?

Charles: Earl Thomas, Von Miller, Terrell Suggs and in my early career Ray Lewis. All of these guys are great at their position and know the game real well. Some of them will go on to be in the Hall of Fame someday.

YoAnty: What do you look for in a sneaker while you are training?

Charles: If the shoe is stable when I am cutting and doing agility drills. If the shoe fits tight enough when I run. And does the shoe fit well while I am lifting weights and not sliding side to side. If I am running full speed, the shoe needs to keep up enough so I won’t be slipping and sliding. With my game, I don’t train like other athletes. They might lift weights everyday, but I hate weights. It’s all in the legs and the speed. And I though it was a good fit for me to sign with Puma.

Jamaal Charles Interview PUMA Fuel Pack